I think that Utah Phillips would have been very pleased with this collection, and at the same time amused. Amused that the State of Utah will still have him around to tweak it’s sacred cows, and honored to have this tribute done by the folk music community of Utah.

Not familiar with Bruce “ Utah” Phillips, the Golden Voice of the Great Southwest, anarchist, organizer, humanitarian and teller of tall tales and outrageous stories..and so much more? Then welcome to the beginning of a life changing relationship, Follow these songs back to the wellspring that is Utah Phillips and find your history, your story, the community you may never have know that you shared. I think I speak for everyone on this compilation, and thousands of others, who’s lives have been changed for the better, who say.. welcome, come join us...you have a family here that has been waiting for you.

There is a worn bumper sticker on my guitar case that says “ I think...therefore I am dangerous." I smile and think of Utah Phillips every time I see it. Add the art and craft of a vaudevillian, the eye for detail of a historian, a heart as big as the western sky, and a fake clown nose ( and the will to use it),..and yes..I think that is a good start.

And there are the songs: songs that have become folk songs..the ultimate compliment to any songwriter. They are byways to pop culture, tips of icebergs , about something. Enjoy your journey!

David Tamulevich
Long Gone is a regional recording comprised of artists from in and around the state of Utah. The eclectic group of twenty or so artists includes former music students and band mates of the late Utah Phillips, as well as artists that have been influenced by his vast body of work over the years.
Just as Bruce did, all of the musicians on this recording still call Utah home.

Many of the songs on this tribute CD are regional to the state of Utah and tell the story of the West as “Utah” saw it.
Throughout the recording process, all of the guitar work was performed on “Utah's” old road-worn Guild guitar, the same guitar that his son Duncan Phillips now uses on stage to pay tribute to his father: “The Golden Voice of the Great Southwest
”Bruce “Utah” Phillips.

Long Gone - Credits - Thank You's and Song Lyrics
Produced by - Kate MacLeod.
Kate's Liner Notes
Executive Producer - Duncan Phillips.
Duncan's Liner Notes

1. Eddy's Song - Paul Rasmussen.
Piano,Stephen Keen.
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2. Nevada Jane - Kate MacLeod.
Mandolin and harmonies, Rex Flinner.
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3. Scofield Mine Disaster - Mike & Shauna Iverson.
Piano, Stepheen Keeen, harmonies, Mother Jones.
Play - Lyrics
4. Jesse's Corrido - Gentri Watson.
Nylon guitar, Kate MacLeod.
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5. If I could Be the Rain - Polly Stewart.
Guitar, Kate MacLeod.
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6. I Think of You - Brent Bradford.
Harmonies, Mother Jones.
Play - Lyrics
7. Long Gone - Duncan Phillips.
Fiddle and harmonies, Kate MacLeod.
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8. Miner's Lullaby - Anke Summerhill.
Fiddle and harmonies, Kate MacLeod.
Play - Lyrics
9. Ragged Old Man - Doug Wintch.
Harmonic, "Bad" Brad Wheeler.
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10. Orphan Train - Carla Eskelsen.
Guitar and harmonies, Dave Eskelsen.
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11. NPR talking Blues - Ken Shaw.
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12. Pig Hollow - Kyle Wulle.
Harmonica, Brad Wheeler.
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13. Goin' Away - Gigi Love.
Cello Margaret Lewis.
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14. Room for the Poor - Hal Cannon.
Mandolin, Rex Flinner. harmonies, Mother Jones
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15. The telling Takes Me Home - Dave Eskelsen
Mandiola, Carla Eskelsen.
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16. Hallelujah I'm a Bum - Dave Shults
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17. The Long Memory (spoken) - Mike Garcia
Play - Words
18. Ship's Gonna Sail - Group Song.
Cello, Margaret Lewis, fiddle, Kate MacLeod.
Anke Summerhill, Carla Eskelsen, Cori Connors,
Dave Eskelsen, Doug Wintch, Duncan Phillips,Jen Hajj,
Kate MacLeod, Ken Shaw, Kyle Wulle, Mark Jardine,
Mark Hazel, Polly Stewart, Scott MacLeod, Steve Lutz.
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Recorded by Michael Greene
at Rotosonic Sound.

Mastered by DavidShiply

Photographs of Kate and Duncan
by Tom Sparks.

Thank you to my wife Bobette for her continued love and patience. Thank you Kate for your dedication and ability to wrangle frogs into a wheelbarrow. Thank you to the artists that donated their time and talents to the project. Thank you to all of the folks for their, houses, coffee shops and support; Joanna Robinson, Nick Tomb, Elanor Walden, Jill Sparks, the Alchemy Coffee shop, Sugar House Coffee shop,
Ken Sanders Rare Books, Uniatarian Univeralsist Community of the Mountains, Intermountain Acoustic Music Association,
Michael Greene - engineer, Blair Sutherland - additional engineering, Mark Stevenson, Polly Stewart, Anke Summerhill, Bad Brad Wheeler, Brent Bradford, Carla Eskelsen, Cori Connors, Dave Eskelsen, Doug Wintch, Duncan Phillips, Gentri Watson, Gigi Love, Hal Cannon, Jen Hajj, Joe Gustafson, Kate MacLeod, Ken Sanders, Ken Shaw, Kyle Wulle, Margaret Lewis, Mark Hazel, Mark Jardine, Mike Iverson, Paul Rasmussen, Polly Stewart, Rex Flinner, Scott MacLeod, Shauna Iverson, Steve Keen, Steve Lutz.

Contact Information:
The Long Memory

Duncan Phillips
copyright The Long Memory - 2010 all rights reserved
Art by work Maya MacNeil